Other services

Trimming/Shaping/Crown Reduction

Regular maintenance can ensure and promote healthy growth, improve the appearance and shape of your trees and prolong their life.

Crane Services and Dangerous Tree Removal

Specializing in large tree crane removals, we provide and operate a 22-tonne crane with a 125-ft reach for hoisting or rigging.

Brush Chipping

We chip brush on site when removing and trimming trees. The wood chips produced are good for mulching if requested. 

Our portable chipper can chip wood up to 18" in diameter to handle even the largest of jobs.


The installation of cables and braces on trees reduces their stress and damage. Our goal is to help strengthen weak branches or limbs so they are better able to withstand severe weather and improve longevity. This is particularly important in older established neighbourhoods with heritage trees.

Sonic Tomography

Wharram Tree Service is the only tree service company in Southern Ontario that performs sonic tomography. A sonic tomograph or 'tree ultrasound' is used for tree risk assessments in order to measure the thickness of the residual wall of the tree.

  • The best decay detection/evaluation device currently available
  • Improved information for long-term planning and management of trees
  • The tomograph sees ‘inside’ the tree to greatly improve assessment
  • Handles all situations from close to ground level to large irregular shaped trees
  • Instant on-site results